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Pop-ups come in various forms, all of which we are able to produce. This gives you some examples of a few pop-ups.

Elasticated Pop-ups

These can be in the form of cubes, balls, pyramids, boxes and many variations. Whether they pop out of envelopes, sleeves or wallets is your choice.

When it comes to cubes the top of the range is the deluxe cube. All the workings are held inside the cube and when flat this version takes up the smallest footprint. The middle version splays out more but snaps together better. The cheapest version has a slight lip on the edge which helps the snap shut.

The Star Sprayer can be made to various shapes and sizes. The best in our opinion is roughly 1/3 A4. There is a sleeve and an inner piece, which has an elasticised pop-up. When the inner is pulled from the outer, the pop-up is released ejecting silver coloured stars (or whatever takes your fancy)... everywhere.

3D cards

There are again many variations with this style, but generally this would resemble an A5, 4 page card which when opened reveals a popped up item. The pop up is mostly engineered by the movement of the center fold.

You can achieve lots of differing styles from solid 3D looking objects, such as boxes, houses, cars… to 3D views. We can even create 3D theatres with curtains that open.

The only limit really is your imagination.

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